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Register as a Tutor

Download the Cognition app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
Sign-up as a Tutor through your Facebook profile Indicate the lessons you want to teach.

Upload Documentation

Upload your Identification Document/Driver's License, Academic Transcripts and Matric Certificate. Cognition works around the clock to verify your profile and documentation, and depending on your eligibility, you will be contacted and approved.

Receive Lesson Opportunities Automatically

Find consumers who need classes in their area via our dynamic location based marketplace.  Filter out lesson requests by distance, selecting how far you are willing to travel to fulfil a request (or accept online lesson requests - coming soon!).  Receive push notifications as soon as a request in your area matches your approved skill set.

Review and Make an Offer

Apply to do the class for one of the time slots either at the student’s proposed rate, or at your defined rate. Receive notification if a student has accepted and paid for your offer.

Complete Lesson

Add and manage classes booked in your native iOS or Android Mobile Calendar.  Facilitate the lesson either at the location arranged, or online (coming soon!).  Rate the student’s progress and general impression after the lesson has been completed.

Get Paid and Improve your Reputation!

Cognition ensures timeous month-end payments into your account for work completed.  It has never been so hassle free! Build up a verified reputation as a tutor via our rating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tutor flexibly?

You have the complete flexibility to only make offers on lessons you would like to tutor, no out of the blue calls forcing you to be somewhere, fixed hours you have to set aside or aimlessly keep open.

How much do you get paid?

You are able to charge what you feel is fair- students will suggest what they are looking to pay and you are able to accept that rate or ask for more if you feel it will not be worthwhile otherwise. Keep in mind other tutors will also be able to make offers on these lessons so the better your ratings, the more you may be able to charge.

What is required to sign up?

You will need a Facebook account to start the process (We are looking to include LinkedIn as an option). From there onwards the documentation you will be required to submit is a photo of your Drivers licence, Matric certificate, ID and any other supporting documentation to support your application.

How does subject selection work?

During the application process you will be able to select the subjects you would like to tutor. These are evaluated against your marks and accompanying documentation. The subjects you are approved for will be visible in the market place to make offers on.

What happens if you miss a lesson?

It is expected that tutors will do their best to always be on time for lessons. Life however does get in the way and in that case it is your responsibility to let the student know as far in advance as possible. If an alternative day can be arranged and the student is happy, all is well. If however a tutor simply misses lessons without communication it could result in removal from the platform.

How do I build up a client base?

Once your offer is accepted on a lesson and you complete the lesson successfully, your student can directly request your services. Our most successful tutors build great relationships with their students and build up a large client base through word of mouth and great ratings on the platform.
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