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Simple steps to getting started

Request A Lesson

Fill in the necessary details for the class which includes; date, time, subject, location (or online lesson) and preferred rate.  Push your request into the marketplace.  The market responds, and you choose your tutor based on: ratings, number of classes completed, and the profile of tutors.  Tutors on our platform are vetted and undergoes a rigorous sign-up process.

Simple and Secure Payment

One-click payments through a highly secure and integrated payment system. Manage lessons easily with visibility over pending, booked and completed lessons, as well as seamless integration with your phone calendar.

Complete Lesson

Tutors come to you based on the address you provided, or complete the lesson online (coming soon!).  Complete the lesson and provide feedback on the quality of the tutor’s ability via 5-star rating and comments system. 

Book Your Same Tutor Again

Directly book the same tutor again on a new date, or choose to make a new public request.  Receive push notifications about upcoming classes, new offers from tutors and lesson completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact for further assistance

How much does it cost?

The simple way to put it is what are you aiming to pay. When requesting a lesson you are required to state the hourly rate you are looking to pay for the tutor you are looking for. Tutors near by, will be able to accept your proposed amount or possibly counter offer if they have to travel further than usual. In the end you get to choose the best tutor from the offers in line with your budget.

What happens If I need to cancel a lesson?

Life happens and sometimes a lesson has to be cancelled. If you cancel 24 hours in advance, there is no penalty. In many cases our students build great relationships with their favourite tutor and an arrangement can be made to reschedule when it suits both parties.

I have found the perfect tutor and would like to book them again.

Our end goal is to find you the perfect tutor and enable a lasting tutor-student relationship, this enables continuity and an enhanced learning experience. Once you have booked a tutor, you will be able to directly request a lesson with the same tutor again in the future.

What happens if a tutor doesn't arrive?

We have a strict refund policy. If a tutor doesn't arrive or you feel they were unable to provide a lesson to the standard you expected, we will provide a full refund. In the majority of cases a tutor will let you know in advance if for whatever reason they will not be able to make it and reschedule a session in the next available time slot that suits you.

Are the tutors vetted?

All tutors go through a vetting process whereby academic records as well as Identity documents are verified. Further to this we do our best to assess character and rely on ratings after each lesson to ensure continued performance by our tutors.

How do I get hold of a real person?

As much as we use technology to make everyone's life as easy as possible, we are a group of individuals passionate about education and making sure users have an awesome experience. You can reach us on for assistance with operational issues or for any suggestions, complaints or hopefully compliments.
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