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Cognition aims to provide premium personal tuition to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Using our highly innovative technology base and marketplace principles, we are able to provide quality tuition to all LSM groups. We reach all students in need of education while providing job opportunities to thousands of tutors.

The success of our business is based on two dire needs - education and youth employment. Not only do we address both of these directly, we do so by making it easy.

Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Behind every awesome product, there is an awesome team!  We work really hard every day to improve your experience on the Cognition Mobile Application
Kyle Dodds

Managing Director

Dani Viljoen

Finance & Operations Director

Wikus Richards

Technical Director

Janine Venter

Senior Software Developer

Louise Dodds

Operations Manager

Waldo Boshoff

Strategic Advisor

Ciaran Liedeman

Strategic Advisor

Corneil Clasen

Strategic Advisor

Note from the team

We are an Education Technology firm by heart.  We believe that digital education holds the power to unlock hidden value and massive potential.  Our products, services and team’s capabilities are all aligned to realise this belief.

Our team’s expertise stretches across the digital education ecosystem, spanning a portfolio of involvement in Online Learning Platforms, Digital Learning Methodologies, Measurement & Evaluation Tools and Advanced Data Analytics.

We are a team that is consistently innovating, collaborating and pushing the boundaries and so we are always interested in hearing from you. Reach out below if you want to find out more about what we do.

Kyle Dodds
Managing Director

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